Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series

• Spring 2018 •
Tuesdays — 12:00 p.m.
All seminars in Cori Auditorium
McDonnell Sciences Building

If you wish to meet with the Speaker, please contact the Host.

January 23  

Nels C. Elde

  Evolutionary innovations from biological collisions
  University of Utah School of Medicine  
  Host: David Wang  
January 30  

Michael Shiloh

  Close encounters of the microbial kind: How Mycobacterium tuberculosis traverses the mucosal barrier
  University Texas Southwestern  
  Host: Christina Stallings  
February 6  

Edward A. Miao

  NK cells and CTLs clear intracellular bacteria via caspase-7
  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  
  Host: Brian Edelson  
February 13  

Lakshmi Rajagopol

  Understanding group B Streptococcus infections
  University of Washington  
  Host: Amanda Lewis  
February 20  

CANCELLED -Margaret A. Phillips - CANCELLED

  Metabolic enzymes as drug targets in parasitic protozoa
  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center  
  Host: Daniel Goldberg  
Feburary 27  

Christina Stallings

  Surviving Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection from the perspective of the pathogen and the host
  Washington University School of Medicine  
  Host: Stephen Beverley  

March 6



Christine Jacobs-Wagner

  What makes the Lyme disease bacterium tick?
  Yale University  
  Host: Scott Hultgren  
March 13  

Victor J. Torres

  Staphylococcus aureus leukocidins: from receptor identification to unraveling their role in pathogenesis
  New York University  
  Hosts: Michael Caparon & Joseph Vogel  

March 20


Sergio Grinstein

  Signaling phagocytosis: role of receptors, integrins and the cytoskeleton
  University of Toronto  
  Host: Jennifer Phillips  
March 27  

Eran Elinav

  Host microbiome interactions in health and disease
  Weizmann Institute of Science  
  Host: Andrew Kau  
April 3



Stephen Higgs

  Virus-vector-vertebrate interactions
  Kansas State University  
  Host: Gary Weil  
April 10

Sunny Shin

  Innate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogens
  University of Pennsylvania  

Host: Joseph Vogel

April 17  


April 24  

Xiaorung Lin

  Morphogenesis, sexual reproduction and cryptococcosis
  University of Georgia  
  Host: Tamara Doering  
May 1  

Paul Bienziasz

  Intrinsic host defense against retroviruses
  Rockefeller University  
  Host: Sebla Kutluay  
May 8  

Amanda Lewis

  A single member of the vaginal microbiota drives colonization and disease by diverse urogenital pathogens
  Washington Univerisity School of Medicine  
  Host: Scott Hultgren  

Please contact the host if you wish to meet with the Speaker.
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